Turner Stewart is the founder and operator of Hentai Cop Films. He has written, directed, starred in, edited, produced, and shot Computer Hearts and S.I.D.S., and has collaborated as a cinematographer on many other projects. Dionne Copland is a director and producer, whose credits as director include Inferno, Don't Look Down, and Computer Hearts. She also starred in and co-produced Computer Hearts and S.I.D.S. Graham Trudeau is a film music composer and sound designer. He performed and composed the score for Computer Hearts and numerous other Hentai Cop Films projects. Jessica Lo is a cinematographer and director. She wrote and directed the short films Nixe Coffee and The Daffodils, and she was the director of photography on S.I.D.S. and Computer Hearts. Michelle Grady is a special make-up effects artist and she has brought her amazing skills to Computer Hearts and S.I.D.S. She has performed her magic on numerous short and feature films, and she is the owner of Chance Hansen is a cartoonist and animator, and is internet famous for his comics under the pseudonym, He is responsible for the Vanessa2 character design and opening credits animation in Computer Hearts, and is one of the original creators of Hentai Cop Films. Life To Death FX.
Chongo the Artist.