Hentai Cop Films

This is the official website for Hentai Cop Films, the production company behind Computer Hearts and S.I.D.S.


Our objective is to deliver unique and engaging genre films featuring fun stories and great practical effects (often including body horror).


Computer Hearts is now available to stream and purchase online and the bluray is available from CreepySix Films!


S.I.D.S. is available now on Vimeo and as a special feature on the Computer Hearts bluray.


Dionne Copland and Turner Stewart wish to thank everyone that has contributed to the production and reception of these films. We could not have done it without you.


Turner Stewart is also a professional cinematographer and is available for hire! Feel free to use our contact form to get in touch. Turner is always happy to help out on other filmmaker's projects!

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Official Hentai Cop Films:

The Last One


How to be Evil 2

Computer Hearts