The Hentai Cop Cyberpunk Feature Film Filming 2017
An odyssey into the web. An internet forum-based jonestown-esque cyberpunk mindfuck punk techno gore shit mod fuck explosion.
Tenants Filming 2017
An anthology film featuring segments by Dionne Copland, Vince D'Amato, and Turner Stewart.
scarystories.avi  2015 (?)
The internet-based anthology which Computer Hearts is a part of. The rest of the anthology will include segments by Robert Lalonde and Chance Hansen.
FHL: Future Hockey League In future dystopian Canada, the country's politics are decided with a puck. Basically, Mad Max on ice. (?)
Untitled Werewolf Film (?)
Internet Tales 2018 (?)


An anthology film that features stories taken from the strangest in internet paraphilia fiction.